Early in the Morning: Peg Leg Sam on iTunes

If you have iTunes, an out of print recording of Peg Leg Sam is available through the online service. Early in the Morning was recorded in the 1975 and originally released in 1994, re-released in 2001 (currently out of print in CD form). His playing on this recording is simply astonishing and confirms his reputation as a harmonica virtuoso. He is backed by the understated guitar of Louisiana Red, hanging back so Peg Leg Sam can shine. This is one of the best blues recordings I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. to my mind, Strollin’ is the best performance of the session. Early in the Morning is a fine tune. His repertoire includes traditional blues, gospel and even a “Western” Navaho Trail. I’ve learned Dog Chase (related to his performance of Fox Chase on his other recording, Kickin’ It ), derives from the “fox chase” form common to harmonica playing before the blues, but was something new to me.

On Folkstreams, you can catch a glimpse of Peg Leg Sam doing some his famous mouth harp gymnastics in the film Born for Hard Luck and read a review of Early in the Morning, which offers insights into his playing, influences and how he made music from a variety of genres his own.

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