MPEG-4 Streaming Issues

We have had reports from users that they are unable to watch the MPEG-4 video on Folkstreams. If you cannot watch the MPEG-4 version of our video, please post a comment here. You will need to register to post a comment. (You may also use our contact form link at the bottom of every page.)

Please tell us:

* The title of the film you were watching.
* Operating System (Apple OX 10, Windows XP, etc.)
* Media Player (Real, Quicktime, etc.)
* Internet Access (Dialup, Broadband)
* Web Browser

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6 Responses to “MPEG-4 Streaming Issues”

  1. Todd Harvey says:

    No difficulty streaming “Cajun Country” using Windows 2000, Quicktime, broadband access, Firefox. I have had difficulty in the past. I also note that about 10 minutes into the film, the audio and video get out of sync.

    Kudos to Folkstreams for doing what they do!

  2. glennp says:

    In response to Tom’s post on AMIA about this, I tried the suggested MPEG-4 stream of “Grandma’s Bottle Village”. On 2 different current-patched XP machines, both worked fine under Firefox. On one of those machines, I tried it with IE 7 as well, and got a series of popup error dialogs, reporting (in summary) that the proper plugin was found (presumably QuickTime/MPEG-4), but an internal error occurred during intialization.

    So I went to Apple’s site (thinking about an QT plugin update), which gave me the same series of errors under IE 7, but then also said that an Active X control (Microsoft HTML viewer) was being blocked. When I clicked on the IE 7 yellow bar to allow it, the Apple site worked. And subsequently so did folkways MPEG4 when I went back to it.

  3. Kristina says:

    Todd, we are working on those audio/video sync problems. We’re re-encoding a bunch of the films.

  4. FranzM says:

    I tried viewing “PileButts” and the WETA special. Both times Quicktime went through “connecting” and “switching transports” (neither of which I understand at all) and stopped with the message “No route to hos (or hqs, not sure”.

    My computer experience leads me to understand how important it was in the old days to have every word, tone, and body gesture absolutely correct if one wants the magic to work. I haven’t yet successfully accessed one of your films.

  5. FranzM says:

    I tried viewing “Pilebutts” and the WETA special. I have Windows XP, Quiktime, Firefox, and Broadband. The Quicktime box runs through “connecting” and “switching transports”, then says”No route to hos (or hqs, not sure” That is as far as I have got.

  6. folkstreamer says:

    If the media player displays a 400 Error we do not have much to go on, since the streaming protocol states this error may stand in for a number of error responses in the 400 range. One of those responses is insufficient bandwidth. So it is possible if you get a 400 error you may not have sufficient bandwidth at some point in the connection.

    The Quictime connecting and “no route to host” may also be due to bandwidth or connectivity issues.

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