Folkstreams Newsfeed

March 20th, 2005

You can keep up with Folkstreams by connecting to our newsfeed. Using a news reader, you can get a live feed of recent films as they are added to Folkstreams catalog.

You will need software or an online service to read our news. Sometimes the software is called a ‘newsreader’ or ‘headline’ reader, and the services are called ‘aggregators’ but they all read RSS (Real Simple Syndication) news and present it to you.

You will need some software or an online service to read our news feed.

Personal RSS Readers

A personal reader is software you download to install on your personal computer for reading news.

An example is AmphetaDesk ( a personal news aggregator that sits on your desktop. (Available for Mac/Win/Linux).

If you have the FireFox web browser, you can simply click the RSS icon to add our feed to your Live Bookmarks.

Online News Services

There are services that enable you to read news feeds online from a web site.

Free news readers and news reading services.

Folkstreams Guide

March 19th, 2005

I am not an expert in anything you will encounter on Folkstreams. Not in folklore, not in music, not in art or craft. I have been known to on occasion play and compose music, write poems and songs and on a regular basis create photographs and digital art. If you find yourself in opposition to something I have said about a film, feel free to post a comment or correction. The method in my madness is to record my impressions of the film and encourage others to watch and debate the film. My attention to this blog may be desultory at times, but I am here to be an advocate for the viewer, to help visitors find the films they want to see whether they know they want to see them or not.