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Making The Film

Tough, Pretty, or Smart: A Portrait of the Patoka Valley Boys

Film by Dillon Bustin, Richard Kane
Produced by Richard Kane
Cinematographer: Richard Kane
Sound: Dillon Bustin
Editing: Richard Kane
Copyright: 1981, EAEC and Richard Kane
29 minutes, Color
Original format: Film: 16mm, 1981
Distributor: Kane-Lewis Productions
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Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Dillon Bustin, Richard Kane or to the distributor, Kane-Lewis Productions.

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The portrayal of rural Indiana group, The Patoka Valley Boys, a six-person string band comprising one of America's finest old-time and bluegrass musical groups.

The film is available on high quality DVD or download from Documentary Educational Resources.

A rural region in Indiana whose wooded hills stand in striking contrast to huge strip-mined pits, the Patoka Valley is more than home to the members of this old-time string band; it is both an inspiration for songs and a foundation of the values tethered to the past with which the men, separated in age over nearly three generations, face an uncertain future. Seen in private moments - hunting in a nearby wood, motorcycling through the autumn-draped countryside, enjoying a family picnic, and tending to domestic chores - as well as at coal mining jobs where they help destroy the land they love, the men individually comment on why they perform the old-fashioned tunes for guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, and harmonica... Public libraries are sure to have a toe-tapping screening when this bright production is included.
--- The American Library Association, Booklist