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Making The Film

Cajun Visits: Visites Cajuns

Film by Yasha Aginsky
Produced by Aginsky Productions with Les Films Cinétries & Les Films d'Ici
Cinematographer: Yasha Aginsky, Bruno Carriere
Sound: Carrie Aginsky
Editing: Yasha Aginsky
Copyright: 1983, Yasha Aginsky
28 minutes, Color
Original format: Film: 16mm, 1983
Distributor: Aginsky Productions
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Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Yasha Aginsky or to the distributor, Aginsky Productions.

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Fiddlers Denis McGee, Wallace "Cheese" Read, Canray Fontenot, accordionists Leopold Francois and Robert Jardell, are visited by musicians Jeanie McLerie and Dewey Balfa. Each one tells us stories about the role of music in his life and sings and plays one or more of his favorite songs. The late, great Denis McGee, Cheese Read and Canray Fontenot were all highly influential and often recorded Cajun musicians, in addition to being fiddle mentors for Jeanie, Ken and a host of younger musicians wanting to learn the style.

Cajun Visits is available on DVD from the filmmaker Yasha Aginsky and from Vestapol Videos .