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Making The Film

Texas Style

Film by Alan Govenar, Bruce "Pacho" Lane
Produced by Alan Govenar
Cinematographer: Bruce Lane
Editing: Bruce Lane
Copyright: 1985 Alan Govenar
28 minutes, Color
Original format: Betacam SP, 1986
Distributor: Documentary Arts, Inc.
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Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Alan Govenar, Bruce "Pacho" Lane or to the distributor, Documentary Arts, Inc..

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Texas Style centers on three generations of Westmoreland family fiddlers. From the elder H.D. Westmoreland to his grandson Wes III, already a state champion, we see the evolution of Texas fiddling. The difference between H.D.'s rhythmic, Appalachian style and the intricately fingered, rhythmically varied interpretations of grandson Wes marks a transition in the tradition of fiddling. Early Texas fiddling evolved at country dances, using the repetitious rhythms and limited fingering movements suitable for dance music. But when the dances began to lose popularity, a new audience developed. Famed Texas fiddler Benny Thomasson and his contemporaries elaborated the technique of fiddle playing by emphasizing the downward bow action and using the entire register of the fiddle. The contemporary style of fiddling practiced by their followers is hand clapping, toe tapping listening music, heard at fiddle contests and community gathering places. "Texas Style" brings you to the Homecoming, Rodeo, Reunion and Fiddling Contest in Gustine, Texas, where there are armadillo races, tobacco-spitting and frog hopping contests, cow chip throwing and young and old comparing their hog calling skills. Inside a canvas tent, some of Texas' most remarkable fiddlers compete to the foot-stomping delight of their audience.