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Making The Film

Dreadful Memories: The Life of Sarah Ogan Gunning, 1910-1983

Film by Mimi Pickering
Produced by Appalshop Films
Copyright: 1988, Appalshop, Inc.
38 minutes, Color
Original format: Betacam Digital (Digi Beta), 1988
Distributor: Appalshop, Inc.
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Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Mimi Pickering or to the distributor, Appalshop, Inc..

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Gunning suffered a life of bitter poverty which became the fuel for dozens of moving songs about working people, the mines, and the great coal strikes of the twenties and thirties. Gunning's a cappella roots music is intercut throughout the interviews and archival footage. A 1988 film by Mimi Pickering, available from Appalshop on DVD.

Anyone interested in the history of the labor movement and the National Miners Union, women’s history, or the New York folk scene of the 1940s will find this program fascinating, and anyone wanting to hear some truly fine singing, the kind we hear less and less of these days, will be delighted with this video.
--- The Old Time Herald