Weaving Bitter with the Sweet Entire Folkstreams

Making The Film

Weaving Bitter with the Sweet

Film by Ann Rynearson
Produced by Ann Rynearson
Cinematographer: Allen Moore
Sound: Amy Skillman, Bruce Kuerten
Editing: Kathy Corley
Copyright: 2003, International Institute of Metro St. Louis
30 minutes, Color
Original format: Betacam SP, 2003
Distributor: Ann Rynearson
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Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Ann Rynearson or to the distributor.

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Mone Saenphimmachak, is a Lao refugee tormented by survivor guilt. As she seeks to overcome sorrow by renewing her people's beautiful weaving traditions, her art becomes a reminder of the joys and griefs of past and present. In a surprise ending, Mone gives up her looms, leaving viewers to re-examine assumptions about the meaning of heritage for refugees. For Mone, each skirt represents both a quiet victory and its subtle costs, a memory of lives ever-changing, the bitter lying always within the sweet. Mone and Vanxay Saenphimmachak are National Hertiage Award Winners.