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Making The Film

Thoughts on Beagling

Film by Tom Davenport
Produced by Tom and Mimi Davenport
Cinematographer: Matthew Davenport
Sound: Tom Davenport and Robert Davenport
Editing: Tom Davenport and Rob Roberts
Copyright: 1997, Tom Davenport
32 minutes, Color
Original format: 8mm: Hi8 Video, 1997
Distributor: Davenport Films
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Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Tom Davenport or to the distributor, Davenport Films.

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This video documents the breeding, training and hunting of the beagle, the world's most popular hound, by three passionate beaglers: Clayton Bright, a sculptor of sporting art from the wealthy Brandywine district of Pennsylvania; Roland Baltimore, an African American contractor from Middleburg, Virginia; and Claude Honeycutt, a devoutly religious gun dog man from the mountains of western North Carolina near Asheville.

This video (along with Thoughts on Foxhunting) is available on a variety of formats from Davenport Films. Contact davfilms(at)

Thoughts on Beagling is the best beagling video I've seen, not only in its technical excellence, but also in its showing of different styles of beagling, all connected by the love of the hounds. The way Tom Davenport weaves the story line between the three huntsmen and their hounds is where technical and artistic genius come together. The scenery, hunting footage and dialogue all combine to produce a film that can be seen over and over.
--- Richard P. Roth, President, The National Beagle Club