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Making The Film

Give the World a Smile

Film by Gretchen Robinson
Produced by Gretchen Robinson
Cinematographer: Gretchen Robinson with Brian Elsom and Carmine Del asandro
Sound: Joseph Wider
Editing: Gretchen Robinson
Copyright: 1981 Gretch Robinson
26 minutes, Color
Original format: 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic, 1981
Distributor: Patricia Sawin
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Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Gretchen Robinson or to the distributor.

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For generations, the Schuyler family has lived and farmed around the Lowgap Community in North Carolina, and for generations they have produced singers who led revival meetings, attended singing schools, performed at old-time day long singings, and sang in countless churches. The current generation of Schuylers -- Caldwell, Avis, and their son Trent -- carries on this tradition of amateur family singing. Every week they travel forty or fifty miles to sing, without pay, in area churches. They are like thousands of other families in the American South and Midwest to whom gospel music is a once recreation, entertainment, and testimony.

The film made and cut on video tape when portable 3/4" camera were first emerging in the field. "Give the World a Smile" premiered on Georgia Public TV in 1981 as part of the "Southbound" series and was directed by Gretchen Robinson.

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