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Hamper McBee: Raw Mash

Film by Blaine Dunlap, Sol Korine
Produced by Sol Korine
Cinematographer: Blaine Dunlap
Sound: Ron Judkins
Editing: Blaine Dunlap with Lamar Howard
Copyright: 1978, Sol Korine and Blaine Dunlap
29 minutes, Color
Original format: 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic, 1978
Distributor: Other
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Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Blaine Dunlap, Sol Korine or to the distributor.

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A candid portrait of the Tennesse ballad singer, story-teller, and part-time moonshiner Hamper McBee.

Hamper learned much lf his music from his father and friends around Monteagle Mountain and had established a reputation at folk festivals in the 1970s as an accomplished and expressive ballad singer.

The film follows Hamper as he works, socializes, and talks about his music. He sings "Black Jack Davy," "Nine Hundred Miles," Wayfaring Stranger," "Rye Whiskey," and a song he wrote himself "Bill Malone," about the local constable who routinely arrested Hamper when he had too much to drink.

Hamper McBee is also a moonshiner, and Raw Mash shows him plying his trade at this nearly lost art.

Filmmakers Blaine Dunlap and Sol Korine were pioneers in their use of early portable video equipment to make independent films. See the left sidebar on MAKING THE FILM.