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Making The Film

Everybody Promenade

Film by LeAnn Erickson
Produced by LeAnn Erickson, Camille Seaman
Cinematographer: LeAnn Erickson with River Branch
Sound: Camille Seaman
Editing: Camille Seaman
Copyright: 2007, Erickson and Seaman
27 minutes, Color
Original format: DV Mini, 2007
Distributor: Ouat Media
More Film Facts
Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to LeAnn Erickson or to the distributor, Ouat Media.

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When next youíre in Iowa, head northwest to Nemaha- population 102. As you enter, a sign states - "Nemaha, A MIGHTY Small Town". Blocks later another sign boasts "Nemaha, Home of the Farmall Promenade". The Farmall Promenade is an eight member, all male troupe of farmers who, as four male-'female' square dancing couples, perform across the Midwest. They have a passion for the dance but this isnít your Grandpaís square dancing. They perform all the favorites while perched atop antique tractors. "Everybody Promenade" is a portrait of the Farmall Promenade- a group of friends who love performing but it is equally a portrait of a rural community struggling to keep farms solvent while keeping community ties strong. Grab your partner and join the dance.

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