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Making The Film

Tradition Bearers

Film by Michael Loukinen
Produced by Michael Loukinen
Cinematographer: Kathleen Laughlin
Sound: Will Peecher
Editing: Mirek Janek
Copyright: Northern Michigan University Production
48 minutes, Color
Original format: Film: 16mm, 1983
Distributor: Up North Films
More Film Facts
Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Michael Loukinen or to the distributor, Up North Films.

A documentary about Finnish American history and folk art expressed through the lives and repertories of our folk artists living in the western Great Lakes Region. Blending live oral history interviews with historical photos, the film tells a story of Finnish immigration, the life of the miner, lumberjack, and homesteader. Features an American-born lumberjack-accordionist and story teller, and immigrant weaver and wood sculptor. The folk culture presented in this film is the cement holding together the Finnish American community.