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Making The Film

Scandinavian Traditions

Film by
Produced by Bob Dambach, Kim Stenehjem
Cinematographer: Randy Cadwell,, Eric Carlson, Dave Geck, Travis Jensen, Lee Westad
Editing: Travis Jensen
Copyright: 2002, Prairie Public Television
59 minutes, Color
Original format: Betacam Digital (Digi Beta), 2002
More Film Facts
Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to or to the distributor, Prairie Public Television.

Scandinavian Traditions takes a nostalgic look at childhood memories and family traditions and shows us that there is more to being Scandinavian than Ole and Lena jokes this heritage is something to celebrate! Scandinavian Traditions documents how Scandinavian artists are preserving their ethnic identity and harks back to Grandma in the kitchen through the rich Nordic food traditions. Also included are tours of four premier Scandinavian heritage museums: Versterheim Norwegian-American Museum in Decorah, Iowa; Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard, Washington; American Swedish Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota; and New Icelandic Heritage Museum in Gimli, Manitoba.