Lord Have Mercy: Olger's Store Entire Folkstreams

Making The Film

Lord Have Mercy: Olger's Store

Film by Stan Woodward
Produced by Stan Woodward
Cinematographer: Stan Woodward
Sound: Stan Woodward
Editing: Stan Woodward
Copyright: 1998 R. Stanley Woodward
35 minutes, Color
Original format: DVCam: Sony, 1998
Distributor: Woodward Studio
More Film Facts
Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Stan Woodward or to the distributor, Woodward Studio.

Colorful documentary about Jimmy Olger, proprietor of Olger's Store and Museum in Virginia. A cook of regional foods who uses a traditional black kettle, open pot style of cooking, he is known in the region as "The King of Brunswick Stew". His other specialties include beef stew and turtle soup. Includes a look around the inside of his store/museum.