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Making The Film

It Ain't City Music

Film by Tom Davenport
Produced by Davenport Films
Cinematographer: Tom Davenport with Jan Welt
Sound: Mimi Davenport with Harvey Greenstein
Editing: Louise B. Steig
Copyright: 1973, Tom Davenport
15 minutes, Color
Original format: Film: 16mm, 1973
Distributor: Davenport Films
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It Ain't City Music was filmed at the National Country Music Contest at Lake Whippoorwill in Warrenton, Virginia, in 1972. The people interviewed in the film speak nostalgically about their rural origins, their folks, the Depression, and hard times, but now many have left the hills and farms and moved into suburbia, and into the city. Increasingly the themes of country music songs deal with the complications of life away from the farm. "Any country song you hear nowadays, the guy's either in jail or just got divorced," notes a man who continues, "but it's their lives and they write songs about it."

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Baltimore Independent Film Festival -- Second Prize, Mid-West Film Festival -- Juror Prize, Sweet Briar (VA) Film Festival -- Presentation Award, Sinking Creek Festival -- Director's Choice. Cracow International Film Festival, Museum of Modern Art -- Special Showing.