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Making The Film

Black Delta Religion

Film by Bill Ferris, Josette Ferris
Produced by Center for Southern Folklore
Cinematographer: William Ferris
Sound: William Ferris
Editing: Josette Ferris (8mm editor), Judy Peiser (16mm editor)
Copyright: 1973, Center for Southern Folklore
14 minutes, Black and White
Original format: Film: 8mm, 1973
Distributor: New Jersey Network
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Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Bill Ferris, Josette Ferris or to the distributor, New Jersey Network.

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Rare 8mm footage of black churches in the Mississippi Delta in 1968. Includes footage from rural church services and a full immersion baptism. The audio is only roughly in sync with the picture, but this makes the film even more powerful and authentic. Produced by Center for Southern Folklore by William Ferris and edited in 16mm by Judy Peiser.