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Gandy Dancers: Film Facts

1994, Film: 16mm
30 minutes, Color
Description: Musical traditions and recollections of eight retired African-American railroad track laborers whose occupational folk songs were once heard on railroads that crisscross the South.
Featuring: Plinius "Pliny the Elder" Gaius, Plinius "Pliny the Elder" Gaius, Plinius "Pliny the Elder" Gaius, Plinius "Pliny the Elder" Gaius, Plinius "Pliny the Elder" Gaius, Plinius "Pliny the Elder" Gaius, Plinius "Pliny the Elder" Gaius, Plinius "Pliny the Elder" Gaius
Copyright: 1994, Barry Dornfeld and Maggie Holtzberg-Call
Filmmaker(s): Barry Dornfeld, Maggie Holtzberg-Call
Produced by: Barry Dornfeld, Maggie Holtzberg-Call
Cinematography: Richard Chisolm. Additional cinematography: Allen Moore.
Editing: Barry Dornfeld. Asst. editor: John Tyson.
Sound: Jim Hawkins, Jeff Klein
Acknowledgements: Archival materials courtesy of: Association of American Railroads, John Cole, C&O Historical Society, Georgia Department of Archives and History, The Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, The Library of Congress Archive of Folk Culture, The National Archives, National Geographic Society, National Railway Historical Society, Southern Railway Historical Association. Assistant camera: Jason Dowdle. Folklorist: Maggie Holtzberg-Call. Archival research: Tom Potterfield. Narrated by Regina Taylor. Advisors: Tom Davenport, Archie Green. Laboratory: Du Art Film Labs. Sound mix: Rodel Sound. Stills animation: Visual Productions. Negative cutting: Richard Cohen. Dedicated to the memory of John Cole. Special thanks to: Carole Boughter, Joey E. Brackner, Malcolm L. Call, Charlie Castner (L&N Historical Society), Pat Conti, Bob Cothren and Mike Reid (Norfolk Southern Railway), Bob Dinwiddie, Jonathan Green (Painter), John P. Hankey (B&O Railroad Museum), Les Hough, Charles Joyner, Alan Lomax, R.C. Long, New Liberty Productions, Norfolk Southern Railway, Jack Pace, Bill Schaefer, Mike Schlesinger, Smithsonian Institute Office of Folklife Programs, Thomas Taber, Cornelius Wright, Sr.
Funding: Funding Provided by: The Southern Humanities Media Fund, The National Endowment for the Arts Folk Arts Program, The Georgia Humanities Council, The Alabama Council for the Arts. Support provided by Southern Labor Archives (Georgia State University), Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum, Georgia Council for the Arts.

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