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Tales of the Supernatural: Film Facts

1970, Film: 16mm
26 minutes, Black and White
Description: This film documents a group of teenagers telling urban legends, ghost stories and horror tales. The film explores how teenagers transmit horror stories, what the functions of such stories are for teenagers and the connection between transmission and function in the telling of tales. The film also relates these legends to media images.
Copyright: Copyright 1970 by Sharon R. Sherman
Filmmaker(s): Sharon R. Sherman
Produced by: Sharon Sherman
Cinematography: Brogan de Paor, Steve Raymen
Sound: Steven J. Zibelman
Acknowledgements: A project of the Ethnographic Film Program, University of California Los Angeles. We wish to thank: Professor Robert A. Georges, Professor Michael O. Jones--Folklore and Mythology UCLA. John Schuyler of the Magic Castle, Hollywood, California. With special appreciation for their help and encouragement to Jorge Preloran and Richard Hawkins. Narrators: Herbert DiGioia, Sharon R. Sherman

Distribution: Sharon Sherman
1129 Taylor Court Eugene, OR 97402
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Distributor Website: Sharon Sherman
Distributor Telephone: (541) 346-3966

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