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The Grand Generation: Film Facts

1993, Film: 16mm
27 minutes, Color
Description: A portrait of six older Americans, each with their roots in a unique cultural heritage and each with a powerful perspective on the nature of aging.
Copyright: Copyright 1993 by Marjorie Hunt, Paul Wagner, and Steven Zeitlin
Filmmaker(s): Marjorie Hunt, Paul Wagner, Steven Zeitlin
Produced by: Marjorie Hunt, Paul Wagner, and Steven Zeitlin
Cinematography: Chris Li
Editing: Paul Wagner. Additional editing: Barr Weissman. Editing asst.: Shelley Kindred.
Sound: Zack Krieger. Sound editing: Tom Hall. Sound mix: Rodel Sound.
Acknowledgements: Mandolin music: Sam Bush. Gaffer: Doug Smith, Justin Andrew Schaffer. Titles and photo animation: Miguel Munoz. Negative conforming: Donnie Bono. Color by Colorlab. Photo credits: Bellmann Archive, Jack Kugelmass, Library of Congress, Peale Museum, Schomberg Center, Smithsonian Institution, Alex Kellam Family. Research and interviews: Marjorie Hunt and Steven Zeitlin. Production manager: Barr Weissman. Production assistants: Cathy Chase, Rose Engelland, Rachel Freed, Alison Kahn. Project consultants: Mary Hufford, Marc Kaminsky, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Jack Kugelmass, Barbara Myerhoff. The producers gratefully acknowledge the support of the Smithsonian Institution Center for Folklife Programs and Cultural Studies. Special thanks to: Roger Ayers, Barry Bergey, Robert Bethke, Bua Xua Mua, Charlie Camp, Jehu Camper, Lillian Camper, Allen Carroll, Varick Chittenden, Ann Dancy, Amanda Dargan, Catherine Dee, Archie Edwards, Elaine Elf, Gretchen Frick, Beatrice Hackett, Bess Lomax Hawes, Janie Hunter, Tommy Jarrell, Helen Jarrett, Paula Johnson, Doris Kirshenblatt, Mayer Kirshenblatt, Richard Kurin, Hauoli Lewis, Jeffrey LaRiche, Noenoelani Lewis, Mary Ann Love, Sam Love, Marsha MacDowell, Jeff Place, Ralph Rinzler, Jack Santino, Joe Sciorra, Peter Seitel, Dan Sheehy, Jane Shure, Robert Teske, Ellen Wagner, Harvey Wang, Dr. T.F. Williams, Clarissa Wittenberg, Peggy Yocom, Kaui Zuttermeister.
Funding: National Endowment for the Arts Folk Arts Program, D.C. Community Humanities Council, New York State Council on the Arts, Maryland State Arts Council, Paine Webber Corporation, Smithsonian Institution Center for Folklife Programs and Cultural Studies, NEA/AFI Mid Atlantic Media Arts Program.

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