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Salamanders: Film Facts

1982, Film: 16mm
12 minutes, Color
Description: An annual, weekend party at a college fraternity, which includes swallowing live salamanders develops into a competition among coeds that has sexual overtones. A George Hornbein/Ken Thigpen film.
Copyright: 1982, Documentary Resource Center, Inc.
Filmmaker(s): George Hornbein, Marie Hornbein, Tom Keiter, Kenneth Thigpen
Produced by: George Hornbein and Ken Thigpen
Cinematography: George Hornbein
Editing: George Hornbein
Sound: Tom Keiter and Marie Hornbein. Audio mix Tom Keiter.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to the brothers and friends of Theta Chapter, Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Produced for the Documentary Resource Center, Inc. by Filmspace, State College, Pa.

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