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The Cameraman Has Visited Our Town: Film Facts

1989, Film: 16mm
19 minutes, Color
Description: An introduction to H. Lee Waters and his Movies of Local People 1936 to 1942. A film by Tom Whiteside.
Featuring: Frances Carr
Copyright: 1989, Tom Whiteside
Filmmaker(s): Tom Whiteside
Produced by: Tom Whiteside
Cinematography: Sumner Burgwyn
Editing: Tom Whiteside
Sound: Tom Whiteside
Acknowledgements: Dedicated to the thousands of "local people" filmed by H. Lee Waters, 1936-1942. Assistant director: Celeste Beard. Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Waters, Tom Waters, Charles Webb, SCAC MAC
Funding: Jointly supported by grants from the Southeast Media Fellowship Program, The North Carolina Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington D.C., a federal agency.

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