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Rattlesnakes: Film Facts

1992, 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic
24 minutes, Color
Description: The annual rattlesnake bagging contest at this tiny Appalachian festival includes a parade, a fair, firefighters’ contests, and a greased pig chase. A George Hornbein/Ken Thigpen film.
Copyright: 1992, Documentary Resource Center
Filmmaker(s): George Hornbein, Kenneth Thigpen
Produced by: Kenneth Thigpen, George Hornbein. Associate producers: Beth Hornbein, Julie Szymecki.
Cinematography: George Hornbein
Editing: Beth Hornbein, George Hornbein, Kenneth Thigpen
Sound: Beth Hornbein, Kirk Manson, Kenneth Thigpen
Acknowledgements: Produced by The Documentary Resource Center, Lemont, PA on-line edit: Filmspace, Inc. Special thanks to: Keystone Reptile Club, Kettle Creek Hose Co., River Run Productions, Mike Stone.


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