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Madison County Project: Film Facts

2005, DV Mini
24 minutes, Color
Description: This video examines the tradition of unaccompanied ballad singing in Madison County, North Carolina and how both documentary work and the power of family and community have influenced that tradition.
Featuring: Elsie McCarty, Elsie McCarty, Elsie McCarty, Elsie McCarty, Elsie McCarty, Elsie McCarty, Elsie McCarty
Copyright: 2005, Martha King & Rob Roberts
Filmmaker(s): Martha King, Rob Roberts
Produced by: Martha King, Rob Roberts
Cinematography: Martha King, Rob Roberts, Judd Williamson
Editing: Martha King, Rob Roberts
Sound: Martha King, Rob Roberts
Acknowledgements: Additonal Editing: Grace Camblos and Emolyn Liden Advisors: Rich Beckman, Dr. William Ferris, Dr. Glen Hinson, Laura Ruel
Awards: Audience Choice Award, Asheville Film Festival

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