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Talking Feet: Film Facts

1987, 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic
01 hours, 27 minutes, Color
Description: Talking Feet is the first documentary to feature flatfoot, buck, hoedown, and rural tap dancing, the styles of solo Southern dancing which are a companion to traditional old-time music and on which modern clog dancing is based. A film by old time music master, Mike Seeger.
Featuring: Richard "Dick" McCarty, Richard "Dick" McCarty
Copyright: 1987, 2005, Smithsonian Institution
Filmmaker(s): Mike Seeger
Produced by: Mike Seeger
Cinematography: John Hiller. Additional photography: Gregory Larsen.
Editing: Mike Seeger, Ruth Pershing, Richard Derbyshire, Heath Curdts
Sound: George Sozio, Jr.
Acknowledgements: Associate director: Ruth Pershing. Production coordinator: Richard Derbyshire. Narrator: Paul Brown.
Funding: Funding provided by: Smithsonian Institution, Office of Folklife Programs, Office of Telecommunications. National Endowment for the Arts, Folk Arts Program.

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