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Cajun Country: Film Facts

1991, 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic
56 minutes, Color
Description: Alan Lomax's wonderful documentary about the bayous of Louisiana which have combined French, German, West Indian, native American and hillbilly ingredients into a unique cultural gumbo.
Featuring: Dennis McGee, Canray Fontenot, Alphonse "Bois Sec" Ardoin, Michael Doucet, Deo Langley, Wade Fruge, Michael Reed, Barry Ancelet, Dewey Balfa, Dorestine Fontenot, Clinvin Jones, Hubert Reed, Gerard Sellars, Adolis Montoucet, Hackberry Ramblers, Lula Landry, Amadie Ardoin, Iry LeJeune, Walter Mouton, Felix Richard, Phoebe Trotter, Revon Reed, Laurence Billiott, Sady Courville, John Delafosse, Amanda LaFleur, Percy Dardar, Joe Billiott
Copyright: 1991, Association for Cultural Equity
Filmmaker(s): Alan Lomax
Produced by: Alan Lomax
Cinematography: Nicholas Echeverria, Bruce Conque
Editing: Nick Doob
Sound: Robert Zieniewicz
Acknowledgements: Special thanks to: The Mamou Mardi Gras, The Kinder Mardi Gras, Fred's Lounge, Mulatt's, The Acadian Village, Marc Savoy, Fred Tate, Jasper Manuel. Secretary: Tamara Bonillla. Production Coordinators: Matthew Barton, Andrew Kaye, Christine Krause. Production Assistants: Noel McClanahan. Project Accountant: Dean Drummond. Series Producer: Elisabeth Fink Benjamin. Research Consultant: Barry Ancelet. Studio Camera: Nick Doob. Associate Producer: Jaime Barrios. Consulting Producer: G. Haines Styles. Additional Camera: Toby Armstrong, Michael Doucet, John Bishop. Online Editor: Alan Miller, Susan Eldridge. Sound Mix: Stefan Bruck. Assistant Editor: Anna Pivarnik. Animation Camera: Mark Spada. Post-production Facilities: Rebo Studio, NVI, Kopel Films. Engravings: Fred Sonnier. Photographic Research: Ann Savoy. Graphics: Carol Kulig. Consultants: Carl Brasseaux, Nicholas Spitzer, William Sturdevant, Glen Pitre, Michael Doucet, Dewey Blafa. Translations: Barry Ancelet.
Funding: The American Patchwork Series was developed by the Association for Cultural Equity at Columbia University and Hunter College.

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