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Pilebutts: Film Facts

2003, Betacam Digital (Digi Beta)
28 minutes, Color
Description: A union-produced documentary about pile drivers, courageous men and women better known as "pilebutts," who secure structures like bridges and skyscrapers to the earth. Pilebutts weaves history and folklore into a modern story of individuals doing tough, often dangerous industrial work.
Featuring: David Sanipass
Copyright: 2003, The Piledrivers, Divers, Bridge, Wharf and Dock Builders, Local 34, Oakland CA
Filmmaker(s): Maria Brooks, Archie Green
Produced by: Piledrivers, Divers, Bridge, Wharf and Dock Builders, Local 34, Oakland CA
Cinematography: Blake McHugh
Editing: Rick Giachino
Sound: Kim Foscato
Acknowledgements: ┼rchival Collections: Lib of Congress, San Francisco Maritime National Park, J. POrter Shaw Library, San Francisco Public Library, History Room, Piledrivers' Local 34 Archives. Published Sources: PILEBUTT by Michael S.Munoz, Pilebutt Press. WOBBLIES, PILEBUTTS, AND OTHER HEROES by Archie Green, U of Il Press, 1993 Folklorist: Archie Green Narrator: Roger Vosberg. Musician/Composer: Jason Martineau. Animation: Pamela Hampton. Illustrator: Thomas Carey. Production assistants: Brian Hugli, Ivan Besack, Mark DeVito. Compositing/Graphics: Steve Chatneuf. Transcriber: Thomas Coons. Waterfront Soundings Productions

Distribution: Piledrivers Local 34
55 Hegenberger Place, Oakland, CA 94621
Distributor Email: Contact
Distributor Website: Piledrivers Local 34
Distributor Telephone: 925-462-9640

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