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Almeda Riddle: Film Facts

1985, Film: 16mm
28 minutes, Color
Description: This video tells how and where Arkansas ballad singer Almeda Riddle began her 10 year stint of singing old ballads all over the country. In an informal manner, folk musician Starr Mitchell chats with Riddle about her singing tours and her commitment to preserving the past for the future.
Copyright: 1985, Talking Traditions
Filmmaker(s): George West
Produced by: George West
Cinematography: Cary Pollock, Willie Allen, Dave Parker, George West
Editing: Cary Pollock
Acknowledgements: Narrated by Starr Mitchell ; Special thanks to Roger Abrahams, Mike Seeger, Bill McNeil, Debora Kodish, and Almeda Riddles' family.
Funding: This program made possible by funds from the Arkansas Arts Council and the Folk Arts Program National Endowment for the Arts

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