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Woodsmen and River Drivers: Film Facts

1989, Film: 16mm
28 minutes, Color
Description: Men and women who worked for the Machias Lumber Company before 1930 share their recollections of the logging industry in Maine when they cut trees by hand, hauled logs to the river with horses, and floated them down to the mill. Remarkable documentary footage from the 1930's illustrate this dangerous and exhausting work.
Featuring: Wilfred Guillette, Wilfred Guillette, Wilfred Guillette, Wilfred Guillette, Wilfred Guillette, Wilfred Guillette, Wilfred Guillette, Wilfred Guillette, Wilfred Guillette, Wilfred Guillette
Copyright: 1989, Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History
Filmmaker(s): Michel Chalufour, Karan Sheldon, David Weiss
Produced by: David Weiss, Karan Sheldom
Cinematography: Michel Chalufour
Editing: David Weiss
Sound: David Weiss
Acknowledgements: A project of Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Maine. Narrator: Don Wescott ; Music: Tom Brown (from collections of Northeast Archives), Heidi Daub, Bill Schubeck, Dick Swain, Oly Watson ; Film of Machias Lumber Co: Special Collections, Fogler Library, University of Maine, James Marsh ; Transfers by John E Allen, Inc Post production: CF Video, Burclan Productions ; Project executive director: Edward D. Ives ; Project scholars: Edward D. Ives, Richard Judd, David C. Smith ; Project directors: Patrick Phillips, Alicia Rouverol ; Project transcriber: Dianne Ballon ; Project co-sponsor: Dept. of Public Affairs, University of Maine ;
Funding: With funding from Maine Humanities Council, National Endowment for the Humanities ; Champion International Corp. ; The Maine Community Foundation
Awards: Gold Medal, International Film and TV Festival.

Distribution: Northeast Historic Film
P.O. Box 900, Bucksport, Maine 04416
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