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Learned it in Back Days and Kept It: Film Facts

1981, Film: 16mm
28 minutes, Color
Description: Portrait of Lucreaty Clark (1903 - 1986), an African American oak basket maker from rural Florida. Clark embraced a wide repertoire of traditional African American songs, games and folk knowledge essential to rural life. She was a remarkable representative of an era that seems very far away today.
Copyright: 1981, Florida Folklife Program
Filmmaker(s): Peggy Bulger, Dan Kossoff
Produced by: Dan Kossoff, Peggy Bulger
Cinematography: Richard Kahn with additional cinematography by Rick Turnbaugh and Dan Kossoff
Editing: Meg Grimes
Sound: Rob Thomas
Acknowledgements: A co-production of The Florida Folklife Program -- Philip Werndli, director -- an Agency of the Florida Department of State, George Firestone, Secretary of State, and WJCT, Inc, Jacksonville, Florida. Continuity: Peggy Bulger ; Associate producer: Doris Dyen ; Production assistants: Patty Burns, Sherry Vann ; Engineering: Marty Rubinstein ; Consultants: David Closson, Jerrell Shoffner, Patricia Waterman. Historical footage courtesy of Gerden Russell. Special thanks to the citizens of Lamont, Florida, especially: Sheila Skipworth, narrator ; Wesley Gramling, James Hall, Sam & Jesse Perry, Mt. Moriah Church and Choir, Rev. Jesse Hawkins, Deacon Ganzy, Deacon L.C. Starling.
Funding: The following program was partially funded by the Florida Endowment for the Humanities with support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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