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Four Corners of Earth: Film Facts

1984, Film: 16mm
27 minutes, Color
Description: Seminole Indian women maintain the traditions of language, crafts, cooking, medicine, and song. These native Americans live on reservations in the vast swamp and waterways of the Everglade area in South Florida.
Copyright: 1984, Department of State and WFSU-TV
Filmmaker(s): Peggy Bulger, Mike Dunn
Produced by: Merri Belland, Peggy Bulger, Mike Dunn
Cinematography: John Alford
Sound: Rick Lurding, Larry Myhre
Acknowledgements: Post production: Karl Knowles. Continuity: Merri Belland. Production assistant: Yvonne Bryant. Fieldwork: Merri Belland, Peggy Bulger, Blanton Owen. Consultants: James Billie, Allan Burns, Harry A. Kersey, John Mahon, Joe Quetone, Ethel Santiago. Narrator: Jeanette Cypress. A co-production of Florida Folklife Programs, a bureau of the Florida Department of State, George Firestone, Secretary of State, and WFSU-TV Tallahassee.
Funding: The Florida Endowment for the Humanities

Distribution: Florida Folklife Program
Bureau of Historic Presevation, 500 S Bronough St., Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250
Distributor Email: Contact
Distributor Website: Florida Folklife Program
Distributor Telephone: 850-245-6333

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