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This Is Our Slaughterhouse: Film Facts

2000, DV Mini
22 minutes, Color
Description: This 22 minute documentary follows the ten workers of Broerman Poultry Processing, revealing their surprisingly close relationships, despite the gruesome nature of their job. The colorful interviews and raw supporting footage give new perspectives on family values, hard work, and what happens inside a slaughterhouse. The film was made by Matthew Broerman, a son of the owner of the slaughterhouse.
Featuring: Julius Broerman, Chely Broerman, Rod Meyers, Jim Yancy, Earl Spain, Sarah Broerman, Elaine Zins, Patty Livingston, Thomas Adams, Trent Wine, Kim Hollar, Debra Maddox, Clarence Atkinson, Dustin Neer, Raina O'Cobb, Matt Torok
Copyright: 2000, Matthew Broerman
Filmmaker(s): Matthew Broerman
Produced by: Matthew Broerman, Ariana Liaugminas
Cinematography: Matthew Broerman
Editing: Matthew Broerman
Acknowledgements: Narrated by Adam Kleshinski. Music by Kevin Dippold.
Awards: USA Film Festival - Best Student Film Da Vinci Film Festival - Official Selection First Glance Philadelphia Film Festival - 3rd Place Documentary Trenton Film Festival - Official Selection First Look Student Film Festival - 2nd Place Documentary RiverRun International Film Festival - Official Selection Iowa City International Film Festival - Official Selection Kansas City Filmmakers Jubilee - Official Selection Big Muddy Film Festival - Best Documentary

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