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The Men Who Dance the Giglio: Film Facts

1995, 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic
28 minutes, Color
Description: A documentary on the Brooklyn St. Paulinus Festival. This film explores ethnicity, cultural traditions, and religious devotion as the performers, participants, and community members explain the significance of the festival.
Copyright: Produced at the University of Iowa Department of Communication Studies, 1995
Filmmaker(s): Jeff Porter
Produced by:
Acknowledgements: Research and production assistance: Claire Sponsler. Thanks to Franklin Miller, Robert Olney, Leighton Pierce, Camille Seaman, Sarah Stein. Special thanks to: Craig and Michael Addeo; Vera and Andrew Badamo; Msgr. David Cassato; Jimmy Della Iacono; Dede, Chichie, and Joe Galasso; Pat Grande; Gerard Langone; Larry Laurenzano; Charlie Marone; Joe Peluso; Sal Primeggia; Paste Vecchiano; Mitch Weiss.
Awards: Best of Show, UCLA Film and Folklore Association Festival


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