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Moving Mountains: Film Facts

1989, Film: 16mm
58 minutes, Color
Description: High in the mountains of Laos the Yiu Mien lived as they had for centuries until the Vietnam War forced them to leave their homeland and come to America....catapulted from one century into another. MOVING MOUNTAINS is the story of these refugees caught between two worlds.
Featuring: Beatrice Maxwell, Beatrice Maxwell, Beatrice Maxwell, Beatrice Maxwell, Beatrice Maxwell, Beatrice Maxwell, Beatrice Maxwell, Beatrice Maxwell
Copyright: 1989, Elaine Velazquez
Filmmaker(s): Elaine Velazquez
Produced by: Elaine Velazquez
Cinematography: Eric Edwards, John Campbell, Harry Dawson
Editing: Elaine Velazquez
Sound: Barbara Bernstein, Sheila Rubin, Carl Vandervoort
Acknowledgements: Translators: Sarn Kouei Saechao (Andrew Zel), Ay Choy Saelee (David Lee), Farm Yoon Saelee (Susan Lee), Pao Choy Saepharn; Voice-over translations: Num-Kock Hwee, Vivian Wong, Susan Chao, Chiem-seng L. Yaangh, Kao Chiem Chao; Mien music: Fou Choy Saechao; Mien chanting: Farm Yoon Saelee, Fou Khuan Saepharn, Yien Liem Saelee, Koy Fou Saechao; Original music & sound consultant: Barbara Bernstein; Breakdancing music: Jon Newton "Heartfelt thanks to the Mien community in Portland, Oregon..." Production assts: Sandra Burgess, Eric Herman, Sharon Niemczyk, Charles Riggs; Optical printing: Ron Paul Finne; Sound rerecording: Wayne Woods; Negative cutter: Karen Thorndike; Anthropological consultant: Michael Sweeney
Funding: Funded by Oregon Committee for the Humanities, California Council for the Humanitites, Oregon Arts Commission, Metropolitan Arts Commission, Pioneer Fund, Lucius and Eva Eastman Fund, Western States Regional Media Arts Fellowship Program, Mary Winch.

Distribution: Feather & Fin Productions
P.O. Box 82777 Portland OR
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Archives & Stock Footage: Elaine Velazquez Feather & Fin Productions
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