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Stoney Knows How: Film Facts

1981, Film: 16mm
29 minutes, Color
Description: Stoney Knows How is an extended interview with 'Stoney' St. Clair, an ebullient little man with the gift of gab of a circus tout and a fund of bizarre stories about tattooing and other matters. One of these is the tale of a Florida snake handler and tattoo artist who was squeezed to death by his own python. His widow made a fortune touring the South with the guilty snake. "After all," says Stoney, "how often do you get a chance to see a snake that's squeezed a man to death?" Not often, nor does one often have the opportunity to meet a man like Stoney. The filmmakers treat him with respect, fondness and appreciation, and he responds in kind. Vincent Canby, The New York Times.
Featuring: Walter Brown, Walter Brown, Walter Brown, Walter Brown
Copyright: 2006, Documentary Arts
Filmmaker(s): Alan Govenar, Bruce "Pacho" Lane
Produced by: Alan Govenar
Cinematography: Les Blank
Editing: Bruce
Sound: Alan Govenar
Acknowledgements: Music courtesy of Arhoolie Records.
Funding: With the support of The National Endowment for the Arts, The Ohio Arts Council, The University of Texas at Austin
Awards: CINE Golden Eagle; London Film Festival; Filmex; Margaret Mead Festival; Museum of Modern Art; Cinéma du Reel (Paris); Edinburgh Film Festival; Ann Arbor Film Festial.

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