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Les Blues de Balfa: Film Facts

1983, Film: 16mm
26 minutes, Color
Description: A portrait of Southwestern Louisana's Balfa Brothers, ambassadors of traditional Cajun music to the world. Filmed in Louisiana between 1978 and 1981, the film focuses on the surviving brother fiddler Dewey Balfa and his efforts to continue playing and performing his family's traditional music after the sudden death of his brothers Rodney and Will in a traffic accident.
Featuring: Frannie Leopold, Revon Reed, Dewey Balfa, Rodney Balfa, Will Bolfa, Tony Balfa, Allie Young, Nathan Abshire, Rockin' Dopsie, Tracy Schwarz, Mike Seeger, Will Spires, Eric Thompson, Raymond François, Russely Broussard, Rickey Hebert, Bonita Quibideaux, Weldon Schexnider, Jake Meir
Copyright: 1983, Yasha Aginsky
Filmmaker(s): Yasha Aginsky
Produced by: Aginsky Productions with Les Films Cinetrie and Les Films d'Ici
Cinematography: Yasha Aginsky, Bruno Carriere, Stephen Lighthill
Editing: Yasha Aginsky
Sound: Carrie Aginsky, Nelson Stoll
Acknowledgements: Thanks to: National Endowment of the Arts, Film Arts Foundation, Louisiana State Division of the Arts, Center for Gulf South History and Culture Crew: Carrie Aginsky, Bruno Carriere, Jeanie McLerie, Ken Keppeler, Stephen Lighthill, Nelson Stoll, Betsy Bannerman. With: Revon Reed, Nelda Moody, Roberta Boone, Frannie Leopold, Raymond Francois, Jean-Francois Maure, Mary & Hardy Albritton, Eloise Schwarz, Ann Savoy, Roger Mason, Alice Gerrard, Steve Duplantier, Steve Pinsky, John Carlson, Ralph Rinzler, Richard Derbyshire, Smithsonian Institution, Fiddle Tune Festival, Dominican College, Fred's Lounge, Marie's Village Gate, Basile Grade School.
Awards: Showcase of the Year's Best Independent Documentaries, San Francisco International Film Festival (1983) Shared Grand Prize at the Cajun Film Festival, Saulieu, France (2002) with Cajun Visits

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