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Cajun Visits: Film Facts

1983, Film: 16mm
28 minutes, Color
Description: A series of musical portraits of traditional Cajun master musicians Denis McGee, Wallace “Cheese” Read, Canray Fontenot, Leopold François and Robert Jardell at home in rural southwestern Louisana. The film, where the language spoken is an ever shifting mix of English and Cajun French, is a loving tribute to these musicians and their unique musical culture.
Featuring: J.T. Tucker, J.T. Tucker, J.T. Tucker, J.T. Tucker, J.T. Tucker, J.T. Tucker, J.T. Tucker, J.T. Tucker, J.T. Tucker, J.T. Tucker, J.T. Tucker
Copyright: 1983, Yasha Aginsky
Filmmaker(s): Yasha Aginsky
Produced by: Aginsky Productions with Les Films Cinétries & Les Films d'Ici
Cinematography: Yasha Aginsky, Bruno Carriere
Editing: Yasha Aginsky
Sound: Carrie Aginsky
Acknowledgements: Filmmakers: Carrie Aginsky, Bruno Carrière, Jeanie McLerie, Ken Keppeler, Betsy Bannerman
Funding: National Endowment for the Arts, Film Arts Foundation, Louisiana State Division of the Arts, Center for Gulf South History & Culture
Awards: Award winner at the Bilan de film ethnographique in Paris (1983) Shared the Grand Prize of the Cajun Film Festival in Saulieu, France (2002) with Les Blues De Balfa

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