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Sonny Terry: Shoutin' the Blues: Film Facts

1969, Film: 16mm
05 minutes, Color
Description: Shot in 1969, SHOUTIN' THE BLUES is a one shot, one story and one song short film of harmonica great, Sonny Terry. Seated in a motel room on Broadway in Oakland, California where he was filmed while on tour with Brownie McGhee, Sonny, with one small harmonica in his hand, creates a complex and soulful blues solo out of his whooping and hollering, after telling us the story behind the creation of that famous solo.
Featuring: George Johnson
Copyright: 1979, Aginsky
Filmmaker(s): Yasha Aginsky
Produced by:

Distribution: Aginsky Productions
Aginsky Productions, 3704 Folsom, San Francisco, CA 94110
Distributor Email: Contact
Distributor Website: Aginsky Productions
Distributor Telephone: 415-647-1290

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