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Gathering Up Again: Film Facts

1992, Betacam SP
46 minutes, Color
Description: The three day pageant celebrates the reconquest of New Mexico in 1692 by the Spanish over the Pueblo Indians. Interviews and scenes of Fiesta preparation, ultimately, raised issues that needed to be opened up for both Native Americans and Hispano specifically related to the portrayal of the Native Americans in the Fiesta.
Featuring: Ed Berry, Mike McDonald, Mike Ellis, Randy Kaniatobe, Damian Martinez, Herman Agoyo, Chip Lilienthal, Jane Thomas, Erwin Rivera, Marianne Candelario, Mariano Chavez, Kathy Waters, Elaine Cervantes, Harold Gans
Copyright: 1992, Quotidian Independent Documentary Research
Filmmaker(s): Jeanette DeBouzek, Diane Reyna
Produced by: Jeanette DeBouzek
Cinematography: Diane Reyna, Jeanette DeBouzek
Editing: David Aubrey
Sound: Steve Peters

Distribution: Jenny DeBouzek
413 Tenth Street SW, Albuquerque NM 87102
Distributor Email: Contact
Distributor Website: Jenny DeBouzek
Distributor Telephone: 505-242-6198

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