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Style Wars: Film Facts

1983, Film: 16mm
01 hours, 09 minutes, Color
Description: New York's legendary Kings of Graffiti own a special place in the hip hop pantheon. Style Wars is regarded by many as the definitive document of the emerging hip hop culture, an emblem of the original, embracing spirit that burst forth to the world from underground tunnels, uptown streets, clubs and playgrounds.
Copyright: 1983, Public Art Films, Inc.
Filmmaker(s): Henry Chalfant, Tony Silver
Produced by: Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant
Cinematography: Burleigh Wartes, James Szalapski & Jeffrey Wayman (additional cinematography)
Editing: Sam Pollard, Mary Alfieri (co-editor)
Sound: Richard Patterson, Larry Scharf
Acknowledgements: Coordinating producer: Linda Habib. Documentary still photography: Henry Chalfant, Martha Cooper. Supervising editor: Victor Kanefsky
Funding: The Corporation for Public Broadcasting; The National Endowment for the Arts; The New York Council for the Humanities; Channel Four Television Company Limited (UK); Henry Chalfant, Sr.; The William and Mary Greve Foundation; Owen M. Lopez, David B. & Laura L. Oliver; Elise R. Browne; K. Bradford & Anne Brown; John M. Marchi; Julie Frand
Awards: Tribeca Film Festival 2003 Edinburgh International Film Festival 2003 Stockholm Film Festival 2003 In-Edit Film Festival 2003 Backjumps n the Live Issue (Berlin) 2003 Bergen International Film Festival Norway 2003 Black Soil Film Festival Rotterdam 2003 Sundance Film Festival, Grand Prize National Black Programming Consortium, Prized Pieces Award Montreal Festival of Films in Art, Grand Prize American Film Festival, Blue Ribbon Athens Film Festival, Grand Prize Chicago Film Festival, Silver Hugo Houston International Film Festival, Silver Award Toronto Film Festival PBS, Channel Four(UK), Learning Channel, plus Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Spain, etc.

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