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Texas Style: Film Facts

1986, Betacam SP
28 minutes, Color
Description: "Texas Style" is an intimate look at rural Texas culture and the traditional fiddle music played on its back roads. With spirited rhythms and guitar accompaniment, Texas fiddling is a crowd pleaser that has influenced western swing and folk music across the country. This film centers on three generations of Westmoreland family fiddlers. From the elder H.D. Westmoreland to his grandson Wes III, already a state champion, we see the evolution of Texas fiddling.
Featuring: H. Westmoreland, Sr., Jim "Texas Shorty" Chancellor, J. Overton, Esther Overton, Valerie Morris, Julie Morris, Vane Elms, Cari Elms, Bryant Houston, Eithne Hannigan, Wes Westmoreland, Robbin Westmoreland, Andrea Cantrell
Copyright: 1985 Alan Govenar
Filmmaker(s): Alan Govenar, Bruce "Pacho" Lane
Produced by: Alan Govenar
Cinematography: Bruce Lane
Editing: Bruce Lane
Acknowledgements: Special Thanks to Folklore Media Center, Southwest Alternate Media Project, Institute of Texan Cultures, Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin, Texas Memorial Museum, Texas Folklore Society, Library of Congress, the Center for Contemporary Arts
Funding: National Endowment for the Arts, Texas Commission on the Arts

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