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Lige: Film Facts

1985, 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic
29 minutes, Color
Description: Henry Elijah "Lige" Langston was born in 1908 in the Great Basin outback on a homestead. He worked his entire life as a wrangler and rawhide braider in the region known as the Sagebrush Corner of northeastern California and northwestern Nevada.
Featuring: Rosina Tucker
Copyright: 1985, G. Clancy and Channel 5 Public Broadcasting, Inc.
Filmmaker(s): Gwendolyn Clancy
Produced by: Gwendolyn Clancy
Cinematography: Daniel Tone
Editing: Frank Cervarich, Daniel Tone
Acknowledgements: Daniel J. Tone, executive producer. Dr. William A. Wilson, associate director. Darlene Reed, editing consultant. Tom Werner, engineering production facilities-KNPB. Original music by Jim Pagliarini. Graphics by Janet Crennan. A co-production of Gwendolyn Clancy and KNPB 5 Reno.
Funding: National Endowment for the Arts


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