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Old Believers: Film Facts

1981, Film: 16mm
29 minutes, Color
Description: Hixon's film documents a real-life wedding in the Old Believer settlements of Marion County, Oregon, in the years 1979 and 1980. The film briefly touches on a wealth of traditional arts (embroidery, clothing construction, weaving, vernacular architecture, folk song and foodways) and beautifully presents a whole series of rituals -- the "devichnik" (engagement party), "selling" the bride and her braid, the wedding feast, the bargaining over the dowry, and the ceremony of bestowing gifts and advice to the newlyweds. In English and Russian with subtitles or voice-over translations.
Copyright: 1981, Margaret Hixon
Filmmaker(s): Margaret Hixon
Produced by: Margaret Hixon
Cinematography: Harry Dawson and John Stewart
Editing: Harry Dawson
Sound: Dan Adams and Glenn Micallef

Distribution: Patricia Sawin

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