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2006, DV Mini
33 minutes, Color
Description: The New York real estate market forces the oldest store in Little Italy to shut down. The film is a portrait of a family, of the neighborhood that used to be and of the way the city changes in a blink of an eye. Behind the surface, the old store contain small treasures belonging to a part of Italy that does not exist anymore, not even in Italy.
Copyright: 2006, Special Team USA Inc
Filmmaker(s): Veronica Diaferia
Produced by: Special Team USA Inc
Cinematography: Hoku Uchiyama
Editing: Michael Slavens
Sound: Kyle Schember and Juan Sosa

Distribution: Veronica Diaferia c/o Special Team USA

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Distributor Website: Veronica Diaferia c/o Special Team USA
Distributor Telephone: 917 723 6071

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