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Celebración del Matrimonio: Film Facts

1986, Film: 16mm
29 minutes, Color
Description: This film records a rural wedding in the American Hispanic community of El Rito, New Mexico, with reminiscences and commentaries that show continuities, changes, and meanings in this rich tradition.
Copyright: 1986, Margaret Hixon
Filmmaker(s): Margaret Hixon
Produced by: Margaret Hixon
Cinematography: Jack Parsons, Harry Dawson
Editing: Murray Van Dyke, Kelley Baker
Sound: Jack Loeffler
Acknowledgements: Consultants: Charles Briggs, Adrian Bustamante, Alicia Gonzales, Enrique Lamadrid, Carroll Williams, William Wroth.
Funding: National Endowment for the Arts, New Mexico Arts Divison, New Mexico Humanities Council.

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