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Music Masters and Rhythm Kings: Film Facts

1993, Betacam SP
59 minutes, Color
Description: A celebration of the rich heritage of southern traditional music and the people who created it. This performance documentary focuses on three different styles of blues, stringband music, and AfroCuban bembe drumming. The production explores the contributions of their root cultures African, British Isles, and Caribbean and weaves the music together with memories, history and music.
Copyright: 1993, Southern Arts Federation and GA Telecommunications Commission
Filmmaker(s): Peggy Bulger, Melissa Shepard Sykes
Produced by: Peggy Bulger and Melissa Shepard Sykes
Cinematography: John Godwin
Editing: John Godwin
Sound: Greg Linton
Acknowledgements: A Production of Georgia Public Television and The Southern Arts Federation. Performances by Musicans: Pappy Sherrill & the Hired Hands, Harold Lucas, Randy Lucas, Frank Hartley, Eddie Kirkland, Neal Pattman, Timo Kielnecker, Florencio Baro & Eri Okan, Raul Perez, Felix Rodriquez, Armando Santoyo. Narrator: Elizabeth Williams-Omilami
Funding: The National Endowment for the Arts, Folk Arts Program, The Knight Foundation, The Southern Humanities Media Fund, and Courtyard by Marriott.

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