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Why The Cowboy Sings: Film Facts

2002, DV Mini
58 minutes, Color

The cowboy's job has always been dangerous, lonely, dusty, gory and low-paying. So why do cowboys make music, and why do they need to tell their story? Why the Cowboy Sings is a journey across the open West to explore this unique genre of folk art.

Copyright: Western Folklife Center 2002
Filmmaker(s): Hal Cannon, Taki Telonidis
Produced by: Hal Cannon and Taki Telonidis, Executive Producers: Scott Chaffin, John Howe, Elizabeth Searles, A Western Folklife Center Film produced in association wit KUED
Cinematography: Douglas Monroe, Bill Brussard, Taki Telonidis, Hal Cannon, Nancy Green
Editing: Bill Lauer with Taki Telonidis
Sound: William Montoya
Acknowledgements: Written by Hal Cannon. Featuring The Larry Schutte Family, Glenn Ohrlin, Henry Real Bird, and Stephanie Davis. Consultants were Nancy Kelly, Nancy Green, Chris Simon, and Robert Hawk. Recorded by Taki Telonidis Original Concept Sherry Kafka Wagner Dedicated to the memory of cowboy singer Buck Ramsey
Funding: George S. and Dolores Dore Eceles Foundation, R. Harold Burton Foundation, Dick Burton Foundation

Distribution: Western Folklife Center
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Archives & Stock Footage: Western Folklife Center
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