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From Shore to Shore: Film Facts

1993, Betacam Digital (Digi Beta)
57 minutes, Color

A film on Irish immigrant musicians and their offspring, tracing the influences of family and community, ethnic identity, and American popular culture on the traditional music played in contemporary New York City.

Copyright: Cherry Lane Productions
Filmmaker(s): Patrick Mullins
Produced by: Patrick Mullins, Writer/Co-Producer: Rebecca Miller, Historian/Associate Producer: Marion R. Casey, Executive Producer: Nye Heron
Cinematography: John Hession, Anthony Forma
Editing: Patrick Mullins
Sound: Scott Chandler

A Presentation of Cherry Lane Productions & The Irish Arts Center, NYC


The National Endowment for the Arts Folk Arts Program, The New York State Council on the Arts Folk Arts Program, Brown-Forman Beverage Company, The Irish Institute Inc. of New York, Patricia Fanning, Dennis & Mary Mullins, Makem's Irish Pavillion,

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Archives & Stock Footage: Cherry Lane Productions
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