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With These Hands: Film Facts

2009, DV Mini
01 hours, 18 minutes, Color
Description: In March 2007, unable to compete with cheaper offshore production, Hooker Furniture Company closed its plant in Martinsville, Virginia, after 83 years in operation. “With These Hands” follows the last load of kiln-dried wood down the assembly line as it is cut, honed, and assembled into fine furniture. Along the way, employees at the factory share their perspectives on work, community, and survival in a country devastated by deindustrialization and outsourcing.
Featuring: Irene Byrd, Donald Clark, Gary Gereffi, Charles Goad, Wallace Gusler, Clyde Hooker, Zeke Hunt, Toni Jamieson, Donnie Mattox, Lane Nunely, William Stanley, Dora Thomas, Paul Toms, Steve Walker
Copyright: 2009, The Unheard Voices Project
Filmmaker(s): Matthew Barr
Produced by: Matthew Barr with David Williams and Christopher Holmes
Cinematography: Matthew Barr with Christopher Holmes, Brett Ingram and Max Negin
Editing: Christopher Holmes
Sound: Jeffery D. Seelye
Acknowledgements: Music composed by Charles Johnson

Distribution: Unheard Voices Project

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