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Carnival Train: Film Facts

1999, Betacam SP
01 hours, 10 minutes, Color
Description: A behind the scenes look to see how the magic of the midway comes together, town after town, and how carnies create a community and way of life that transcends place and time.
Copyright: 1999, Matthew Barr
Filmmaker(s): Matthew Barr
Produced by: Matthew Barr
Cinematography: Barry Shea, Rob Cabana, Matt Barr, Peter Biella, Adam Martin.
Editing: Matthew Barr, Alan Abrams.
Sound: Rob Cabana, Adam Martin, Ivan Drufovka Restrapo.
Acknowledgements: Associate Producers: Alan Abrams, Rob Cabana. Music: Rober Een, Chris Spheers, Jay Utaal. Thanks to E. James Strates and family as well as the showfolks of Strates Shows, Inc.
Funding: University of North Carolina - Greensboro, The Central Piedmont Regional Artists Hub Program, North Carolina Arts Council, The University of Miami, The Southeast Media Fellowship Program.

Distribution: The Unheard Voices Project
355 Park Boulevard, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27127
Distributor Email:
Distributor Website: The Unheard Voices Project
Distributor Telephone: 336.722.5493

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